Organization and sports events, competitions, tournaments

Организация спортинвых мероприятий

Organization and holding of sports events, tournaments, fees - it is one of the main directions nasheyraboty.

During our work we have helped in the organization of events and fees for various sports such as taekwondo, Sambo, Karate, Savate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, swimming, diving, basketball, volleyball, soccer, indoor soccer, handball, winter sports (skiing, tobogganing, etc.).

Organizing and conducting sporting events - a comprehensive service component.

Thus, under the organization of sporting activities need to find a place for the competition based on the location of the convenience, the number of participants in the tournament, and also choose the audio and sound equipment, to find the master, to provide nutrition to athletes in accordance with the rules and conduct audio, photo and video fixation for the report and analysis of the sports event.

For athletes from other cities of Russia and even from other countries must be predostavitrazmeschenie accommodation and assistance with visa procedures and purchasing air and rail / d biletov.Takzhe visitors athletes will be interesting to get acquainted with the country and the city, which will require the organization of excursions and motor maintenance.

Organization of sports events also requires presentation of awards and award winners.

Request for the calculation of the competition


The organization of any sporting event requires detailed planning and development program of the competition, and sometimes writing the original script. The program of the competition involves the distribution of phases over time, indicating otvetsvtennyh to implement. sport event scenario will require the organization of sporting events at the highest level with the involvement of leading, artists, musicians. Connect the individual services and guest rooms into one exciting action will help the writing of the script. For the success of your sporting event we recommend you do not neglect the service. Our company will help you in drawing up the program of competition or in writing the script.


Organisation of competitions or other sports event involves a variety of services of various kinds and, as a consequence, a number of different service providers and coordinate their interaction. Coordination and logistics - this is the most important step in the organization of the competition, as unharmonized work performers can lead to big trouble, from out of the timetable to complete breakdown. We Wedel your coordinator to plan and agree on the scope of services, will be a complete cost estimate, as well as develop a program or script sporting event. Our coordinator, organizer of sporting events, will be present at the venue and coordinate all components of services: transfers, catering, technical staff, as well as artists and other performers of individual services.


STAFF FOR COMPETITIONOrganizing and conducting sporting events can not do without the involvement of a large number of personnel. This and all kinds administratorativny staff, doctors and security staff, supervising compliance with the rules and is available in a particular area, and leading professional sports events, and musicians, and singers, as well as diverse technical staff. We help create a professional team, which will work smoothly under the guidance of a coordinator and clearly perform all the tasks.


Style sporting event - is not only a logo, is the development of the whole complex of the printing industry, as well as the design of the venue of the competition. From the presence of advertising on banners, posters, etc. It depends on how many people will come to support the athletes and the competition in general, the competition's image, their status. Therefore, the importance of design in terms of notification about the event can not be underestimated. Any competitions involve spectators and holiday mood, which is provided including colorful d?cor of the room. With regard to the award certificates and badges, participants often leave them on the memory of a significant event in their lives, which determines the importance of design in many ways. Service on the development of the style may include: logo design, as well as the colors for the decoration of the hall; design layout badges, awards, medals, and of course, information materials; the creation of a temporary or permanent site information and other services.

Trade and Media Coverage

Trade and Media CoverageThe organization of sporting events plays an important role in its advertising media. It is important to attract fans who support the participants and media coverage with the objectives of the competition and other sporting events in the news and on TV. The level of competition and popularity is largely determined by the way the work is organized to promote it including on the Internet, on transport, on the streets. issues decision on the advertising and promotion of information on sporting events in the media, our experts are ready to take over. Not only do we will post information about the upcoming event, but develop and agree on a design layout in the same style of advertising materials, as well as create, if necessary, the Internet site of your event.

The production of banners, posters, flyers and PR.

Promotional materials are needed both before and after the event. You can paste up posters, distribute leaflets and banners to place both as outdoor advertising and inside the sports facilities to inform the upcoming sporting event. Our designer will make design models throughout the promotional products in the developed style.


The organization of any sporting event it becomes necessary to control the access to a particular zone of the athletes, coaches, PR Congress Steering Committee, spectators, media representatives and others. Participants. For these purposes, as well as for ease of communication between members of the competition made badges.

Certificates, diplomas, certificates, medals

Certificates, diplomas, certificates, medalsAt the end there is a need sorevnvoany rewarding its members with diplomas, medals and valuable gifts. The need for and awarding criteria are usually determined before the competition, then the designer makes the layout design, which harmonize and given to the press. During the competition in the finished letter it is only necessary to enter the name of recipients. However, this can be done in advance. For the guests of honor, the participants also offer our services for the selection and production of souvenirs and gifts. It is possible to purchase a inexpensive souvenirs with the logo of the competition, and the acquisition of exclusive luxury gifts for VIP guests on request. We can also order awarding products: medals and cups.

Rental of sports rooms and halls

Rental of sports rooms and hallsSelection of premises is an important stage of work since from their location and equipment depends the success of the whole event. For any competition it is required to find the premises in accordance with the purposes and sport. It can be a sports hall with a stand, the stadium, a room at the Institute of Physical Education, premises in one of modern sports complexes and other. Our experts will help you to determine technical requirements for the room or hall with corresponding acoustic characteristics, capacity, lightnening, etc., as well as choose the appropriate premises from thousands of options.


RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT FOR COMPETITIONIn any competition you need sound equipment. Standard required speaker system with speakers, mixer, fixed or wireless microphones. Sometimes equipment is offered as part of the rental premises. For major international competitions the list of audio and video equipment can be quite impressive. The choice of a particular equipment influences the success of the sporting event as a whole. Our experts will offer equipment for your sporting event taking into account room size, acoustics and lighting.

Interpretation and translation

Organization of international events involving foreigners requires the use of interpreters for consecutive interpretation and for translation of materials for the competition. Our company is engaged in the organization of translation of any level of complexity in the international competitions. We provide you with high-level professionals who know the theme and experience at sporting events. For the organization of excursions for foreign teams, we also pick up guide in the required language and the appropriate level.


To report on the conduct of competitions for the report to higher organizers or sponsors, as well as for the organization of video analysis amenities needed fixing. We organize photos and video of a sporting event.


CATERING AND CATERINGFood for athletes is very important, and we know about it. We provide for the athletes, coaches, judges and others. Meals in accordance with the general requirements and your wishes. Meals can be provided in the hotel where the participants live, so in direct competition venue with the lessor or opportunities with the involvement of catering services, as well as the possible organization of food in the cafe, a dining room, a restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the venue, etc. Entrust care about catering to our specialists - free yourself from unnecessary worries.