Insurance of foreign citizens: documents and prices

An insurance for a foreigner is required for all visitors coming to Russia for any period with a visa or without visa and can be requested when receiving a visa at the Consulate and at the border.

For EU citizens an insurance is mandatory to obtain a Russian visa while the insurance amount coverage must be at least 30 000 euros.

A basic insurance program includes the following services:

  • outpatient and / or inpatient care, including the costs of emergency surgeries, medical services prescribed by a physician, diagnostic tests followed by the prescribed treatment, medication prescribed by a doctor, costs for a hospital treatment, a doctor's visit;
  • Emergency dental care (therapeutic and surgical treatment) - acute pain, injury;
  • Transportation by medical or other available means of transport in one of the nearest hospitals or other medical facility, more suitable and well-equipped for the treatment; transportation to an airport closest to the place of permanent residence;
  • upon the occurrence of death, repatriation of the body of the Insured to the nearest place of registration (of the alleged burial) station (airport, port) which has international connections.

Documents for registration of an insurance policy for a foreigner:

• a scanned copy of a passport;

• the date of entry into Russia;

• the number of days of stay in Russia;

The cost of insurance for a foreigner (insurance coverage amount is 30 000 Euro)

The payment is made in roubles at the exchange rate of the Central bank of the Russian Federation effective for the date of payment + 2%.

We will send you by e-mail a scanned copy of insurance policy upon receiving the payment. The scanned copy of the policy is sufficient to present at the consulate.

Num.of insurance dayscost for persons up to 64 years
1 day (up to 30 days)1,5 euro
60 days51 euro
90 days76,50 euro
otherupon request